Erica Fath Erica Fath
Passionate about developing creative streams of income, Erica Fath has been online since 1996 and involved in networking since 1980.

> My Opportunities

• Fine Designer Jewelry Business - 19K & 21K Gold - 925 Silver - I love the exclusive FERI and FERI MOSH collections! You can see their uniqueness in the gallery on my site.

• Pass the Chocolates - Healthy Chocolate - an Oxymoron? - I've loved chocolates since a child... and now I can enjoy it guilt free as I've found chocolate that's healthy!

• Send Out Cards - Become an Encourager - Use this online service to send cards effortlessly to client, family & friends.

• Instant Sales System - Promote Yourself - Creating a business of helping others to win in the marketing game.

• Networkers Dream - Every business needs a list - This system works with social media & helps business owners connected with customers!


Erica Fath will support you on your Life's Journey

It's very likely that we're heading down the same road - As Robert Frost wrote those years ago:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Let's walk together. I much prefer the companionship as the road to success can be rather lonely as it's the less traveled road. By journeying together we can share victories and successes of marketing as well as warn each other of the potholes and underbrush in the road ahead. When the days get long and you get weary, I'll be there to help you up and keep you going. I'm on that road less traveled. Are you?

Our team is poised to help you create success in your business

Henry Kissinger once said, "The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been." That's what Erica's offering you - to help you get where you've never been!

Erica is continually adapting her business building strategies to reflect what's happening both online and offline. As team leader, she's sharing, teaching, and encouraging her team members to become the most successful, and thus, profitable, team on the Internet.

> My Story

My name is Erica Fath and I'm living with enthusiasm after 50!

I live in Alberta, Canada and have 4 wonderful adult children.

Networking since 1980, I motivate others to strive for freedom ...

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> My Mission

Through mentoring, teamwork, education, and sharing tools, I develop streams of income easily and consistently by helping others reach their goals.
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> My Blogs

• Priceless Potential - My Business Site & Brand

• Starting After 50 - My Online Journey

• My Gratitude Journal - Giving thanks is a very personal thing

> My Recommendations

• Fine Designer Jewelry Business - 19K & 21K Gold - 925 Silver in the exclusive FERI and FERI MOSH collections offer you a recession proof business.

• Healthy Chocolate - Talk chocolate and make money. Build your own chocolate business! Have some sweet success!

• Build Your Dream Networker - Helping Networker Dream - Every networker needs a way to connect!

• Connect to my Facebook! - Social Media is the hot spot online - If you are on Facebook you need to see how I use it to build my list!

• I'm on Twitter too! - Is your list growing at Twitter? - Let's start tweeting and build a list as well!

> Testimonials

>> You TRULY have a GIFT. I am astounded at your expertise with web marketing, the fact that there are 1000's of sites out there with our name and you have us at the TOP of the Google truly means you have a gift. Thanks!
- Conrad Murphy on my Facebook

>> Your web pages are awesome. Love the design.
- Karen Weir, Veretekk Trainer